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Mission Statement

The goal of the Midwest Off Road Racing group is to insure affordable racing for the Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racer by uniting racers with a common voice.By maintaining affiliations with approved sanctioning bodies, this will allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy off road racing now and in the future.





You are given a voice in the sport. Your opinion matters and with MORR, your voice is taken directly to the organizations that promote and host Midwest off-road racing.


    100% of your entry fee will be paid back to the racers. Every penny of your entry fee funds your class nothing else.


    The year end points fund for every Sportsman class has been established.


MORR has expanded the Sportsman race series from four weekends to six weekends of racing. MORR has the opportunity to find separate Sportsman series sponsors. This will create additional funds for race payback and the end of the year points fund, as well as expand the racers’ contingency fund.


MORR members are eligible for all additional payback and contingency. You can still compete at TORC Sportsman events without a MORR membership, but will not be eligible for any additional race weekend or points fund payouts, or contingency offers.


    Membership is inexpensive.

        $40 – one year competition and enthusiast membership with voting rights.

        $20 - one year enthusiast without voting rights,


MORR will continue to work hard improving and expanding Midwest short-course off-road racing. This won’t happen unless you join our group and volunteer your time to make the MORR mission a reality. Let’s keep Midwest Off-Road Racing viable and strong for future generations to come.

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